How Do You Know If You Are The Ultimate Foot Goddess?

Foot Fetish Sex
Foot Fetish Sex

Think you’ve got what it takes? Want to know if you are the ultimate foot goddess? Or maybe you just want to know what to look for so that you can find one of your very own because you are the ultimate feet worshipper! So what does it feel like to be the ultimate foot goddess?

Feet turn you on

You love your feet and the thought of someone caressing, massaging and licking them sends shivers of anticipation down your spine. If you are turned on, there is nothing you can do about it except to enjoy the moment. The sensations that flow through your body will be hard to describe and you will crave that feeling again and again.

You know what you like

Oozing with confidence, style and seduction when it comes to feet would put you at the top of the leaderboard in the goddess stakes. You are a powerful woman that can have any man on his knees worshipping your gorgeous feet and anticipating his tongue between your toes. You know what you like and how to get it

Aiming to please

If you are a true goddess, you know how to push the right buttons at exactly the right time. Seeking the most pleasure through giving the most pleasure. You are able to put someone else’s pleasure first because that is what gives you the ultimate in sexual satisfaction.

You will be putting yourself out there

As a sexy foot goddess, you will be out where your feet can be admired by as many male foot worshippers as possible. You won’t be sitting at home waiting for Mr. Right, you will be out there luring him with red painted toenails concealed in a pair of sensational red stilettoes.

You kick time wasters to the curb

You don’t have time to waste with losers who haven’t grasped what you need in order to be fulfilled. If they aren’t prepared to take the time to understand what gets you off, then they are gone. There are always more fish in the sea and this is a great attitude to have.

Let your imagination run wild

Nothing is off limits for you unless you want it to be. As a goddess, you are into experimentation and the more feet encounters the better. This has given you experience like no other and you are HOT in the bedroom!

Pamper is your middle name

Spending time on your feet to make them look sensational is a top priority. You could spend hours trimming, filing, shaping, and smoothing and still find more to take care of. You probably have trays of nail polish, drawers full of stockings and a wardrobe dedicated to your shoes.

So how did you measure up? There may be some things to work on in order for you to take out the ‘Ultimate Foot Goddess’ crown, or maybe you are pretty sure you are there already. Well get out there and strut your stuff because there will be a male foot worshipper out there looking for his ultimate goddess.