Why Do Men Like Feet?

Ebony Foot Worship
Ebony Foot Worship

Why do men like boobs? It really is the same question. Besides the fact that who really knows what men are thinking most of the time anyway, there must have been something that triggered this initial emotion or response to feet in the first place. It is not like you just wake up one day and suddenly you have a foot fetish.

Early triggers may shape our future

It might be something that has developed over time and certain situations and events are a pleasure trigger for them. Maybe as a young boy he loved going to the beach. While he was at the beach, the thing he noticed or remembers the most were bare feet painted with red toenail polish. As he grows older, the sight of bare feet with red toenail polish would trigger a pleasurable memory. This could lead a man to develop a specific foot fetish.

How strong is your urge?

Some men may act upon their impulses, others might push it away thinking that it isn’t normal. A man might walk around all day staring at women’s feet, especially in the summer when there is more to see and less covered by socks or shoes. And this might be enough to satisfy his hunger. For others, the urge to run their tongue along the arch of the foot might just be too great to resist.

Would you like me to rub your feet?

The great thing about a foot fetish is the fact that it is highly likely he will love to massage them. How cool is that! Every woman’s dream to have a man pleasure them with a sensual foot rub. It doesn’t mean the female or partner needs to have a foot fetish also, but this could be enough to keep him sexually satisfied, unless he is into a more kinky type of foot fetish of course.

Do you like smelly or fresh?

For the kinkier feet man, it would be wise to have a partner who is also into it. You will be able to experiment and get your foot rocks off to your hearts content. Experimentation is the way to go and then you will be able to see what turns you on the most and what doesn’t. One man might want to suck a toe clean, others might be turned off by dirty feet and toes.

They can’t control the excitement!

When a man likes feet, it triggers a chemical response in his brain whenever he sees them. Much like men who get excited when they see a nice set of boobs. It is actually the exact same sexual response even though it is a different body part that some might feel is not very sexual. For the foot fetish man, a great set of feet is like eye candy.

Finding out why men like feet could be difficult. There may be many reasons and some of the early triggers may not be identifiable. One thing is for sure, if you love feet, you love feet – simple as that!