The Secret of Foot Worship

Foot Fetish Dating
Foot Fetish Dating

Foot worship isn’t just about loving feet; it involves almost everything to do with feet, from the tip of the big toe along the arch and to the heel. It is an overwhelming feeling of lust and passion that can be satisfied no other way. Lots of people don’t understand what it is all about and little do they know what they are missing out on!

What kind of action are you looking for?

The truth of the matter is that there really is no special secret. It’s about doing what you love and what turns you or your partner on the most. If your partner loves having their toes sucked, then make sure it is part of your foreplay. Worshipping feet is about understanding what you want to get out of it. If you feel satisfied with touching, licking and sucking then that is great. If you want to get kinky with all kinds of foot action, then that is great too!

Getting kinky in public

Starting with a sensual foot massage is always a good idea when you are into feet. Another cheeky way to start some foreplay would be to play footsies under the table. Go out to dinner in a nice restaurant and take your shoes off under the table. Rub your feet together and do what feels natural. It is so much more of a turn on when you can get sexy in public without anyone else knowing what is going on!

What is your “thing”?

Perhaps a foot covered in a black stocking gets your mouth watering and your insides churning. Maybe it is the smell that gets your juices flowing. There is far more to foot worship than you may have realized. Not everyone is going to be into the same sorts of things. If you have a regular partner, you will get a chance to discover what their “thing” is. If you go on a lot of dates, you might need to do as much as possible until you hit the spot that counts the most.

Look after your sensual tootsies!

Try and keep your feet in the best possible shape. Taking care of how they look and the way they feel and smell, will mean you are always ready for some foot action when the opportunity arises. It will also help others that share your passion because your feet will be more noticeable and desirable.

Their pleasure is your pleasure!

You can usually tell if someone is into feet, so keep a lookout for some signs. It might arouse you to concentrate on their pleasure and this is always a win win situation. Not everyone with a foot worship fetish needs to have their own feet attended to, the pleasure is more often than not, gained through playing with, sucking, licking and feeling the other persons feet.

So get out there and enjoy what you love doing the most. Find someone to share your foot passion and know that you will be completely and utterly satisfied.