Foot Fetish Personals? You Are Not Alone

Foot Fetish Sites UK
Foot Fetish Sites UK

You happen to love feet and secretly think you may have a foot fetish? Well there is no point wondering if feetsex is for you – try it out and then you will know for sure. Everyone has something they fantasize about, so there is nothing wrong with fantasizing about feet either. It is a fetish that is completely normal. In fact, because they are a part of our bodies, you can worship them as much as you like.

Feet worship is more common than you think!

It is usually the word “fetish’ that throws a lot of people off. They think they are cursed in some bad way for liking something that is taboo. Others might think you are a weirdo and worrying about what other people are thinking might stop you from going after your fetish. If it makes you feel any better, lusting after the feet and toes is extremely common and very exciting!

Find some like-minded people

Have a look to see if you can find some foot fetish personals. You will be surprised at how many like-minded people are out there. You might look online, or in your local paper to find someone to share your fetish. A personal ad will normally state age, gender and type of fantasy or what they are looking for. You may have access to a phone number, website or email address. Choose to talk to someone on your terms, where you are most comfortable. Always think of your safety first and take precautions when meeting someone you don’t know.

Not everyone that loves feet loves the exact same thing!

Some foot lovers get off on staring at, licking or caressing the arch. Others are more into sucking the toes or having toenails painted a certain color. This is exactly the same as being someone with a boob, butt or lip fantasy, it really is no different. Experiment with what feels good and also what feels the most natural. If you find yourself wanting to suck some toes and aren’t really interested in caressing the arch, then you are most likely into toes more than anything else. If seeing feet in a sexy pair of shoes turns you on, perhaps you actually have a shoe fetish? The feelings and emotions that start to stir inside you will help you find out what it is that gets you going the most.

Did somebody say foreplay?

Going on a date with someone who has advertised in the foot fetish personals will be your best chance of getting kinky. This foot worshipper is looking for something specific and you are the one that can give them what they want. You will have a better chance of having some foot foreplay and feetsex for a mutually enjoyable experience.

It is important to know that you are definitely not alone in your feet fantasies. They key is finding your perfect match and then meeting up to see how it plays out. Experiment and have fun!