5 Things You Should Know About Feet Worship

Lesbian Foot Fetish
Lesbian Foot Fetish

There are some things you should know when it comes to feet worship and here they are:

1. It doesn’t matter what your feet smell like

This might be something you worry about and you are certainly not alone with these thoughts. To be honest, if you aren’t the best at keeping those tootsies clean, smelling pretty and well manicured there is still the perfect partner out there for you. Many foot fanatics will lose their minds with the smell of your feet and the condition they are in. Basically, not everyone is looking for the prettiest and most perfect foot.

2. Just like dating – not all pairs are meant to be

You might go out on a date or two and think you have found someone you would like to date some more but something just doesn’t seem right? This is perfectly normal as not every foot worshipper is automatically suited to another. Just because you both love the same thing doesn’t mean you should hook up or that you would have a successful long-term relationship. You can like the same types of sexual encounters but not all pairs are meant for each other.

3. Not all shoe lovers are feet worshippers – but many are

Just because you have a passion for shoes, it doesn’t mean you have some kind of crazy foot fetish. Well you might, but for the most part, people can love shoes but not feel a sexual stirring when looking at them. If you are staring longingly at bare ankles and then feel even more excitement when you look down further and see feet in red stilettoes, then it is highly likely that you actually do worship feet.

4. Some like female, some like male – some like both

It all comes down to what makes you the most excited. Everyone is individual in their tastes, styles and also their gender preference. Get feet dating and see how you feel about different experiences. You will never know unless you give it a go! So does this mean you are gay if you like men’s feet? Or lesbian if you like a girl’s feet? This will need further discussion another time!

5. There are many different categories of feet worship

People that love feet don’t all love the same things about them. Some go for the arch, others might only love painted toenails. Some love sucking toes, others prefer to be on the receiving end of a foot job. Some want feet that are sweetly scented where others will only get off on dirty smelly feet. You might need to start experimenting if you haven’t worked out what your special category is yet.

Hopefully this has cleared some things up and you know if feet worship is your special thing or if it isn’t. If you are jumping up and down in anticipation right now, definitely get out there on the foot dating scene and have some fun.