5 Benefits of Feet Dating

Foot Slave
Foot Slave

If only everyone knew how sexy the foot can be. A foot goddess knows the sensuality that is involved with good foot sex, but others may have not experienced the ultimate in pleasure just yet. If you either know, or perhaps suspect, that foot worship is your thing, something that makes you tingle and break out in a sensual sweat, then getting involved in some feet dating is what you need.

Benefit #1

Finding your soul mate when it comes to foot worship can provide a lot of relief. People just don’t understand how great it is! You may feel alone and as though something is wrong with you – just try explaining your deepest desires to your nearest and dearest! It can be extremely stressful and cause trouble in the family and anxiety. Getting yourself out on a date with a fellow foot worshipper can really make you feel at ease and realize there is nothing wrong with your sexual desires.

Benefit #2

Your feet feel everything and are the most overused and overly sensual part of your body. A touch to the foot can change your whole world of sexual desires. Feet dating can show you how good it feels and maybe even what you have been missing out on. Worshipping feet yourself, or having someone worship yours, can help you have the most wonderful experience that you may never have thought was possible.

Benefit #3

People may consider foot worship and dating a struggle. Finding someone who appreciates the same things you do gives you a chance to get to know someone on a deeper level. The feet are such an intimate part of the body, it will really help you to sort out the difference between an ordinary date and an extraordinary date.

Benefit #4

It will be such a relief to go on a date with a like-minded person. When you are both on the same wavelength, you can talk about things and play around with some teasing and innuendoes that only the both of you would understand. Imagine the sexual tension if you were to brush your foot on theirs under the table while you are on your date! Hot stuff!

Benefit #5

It stands to reason that if you like feet, you like feet. It is as simple as that. Going on an ordinary date isn’t going to get those fires burning inside of you. It is time to fire up by going on a date with someone else who loves feet, and someone who might just want to suck on your toes later on if the date goes well!

There is no point hunting around the regular dating scene or going out to a pub or club and admiring the gorgeous feet that surround you. If you do this, you are going to be one frustrated individual. That’s why you need to find others that get a kick out of feet dating as well and start enjoying the sensual pleasures that you know you want to feel.